• Wow! They showed some solution oriented skills at the library desk today! A woman wanted to take twelve books with her while only ten are allowed.
  • Really? How did they solve it?
  • They made her son a member and transferred the two book on his name.

What do we do?

Imboorling helps you and your team to grow. By communicating better. Or rather: differently. Let’s face it, the world of work is different today than it was five years ago. Domination of digital, disappearance of silos. Plenty of personal responsibility, collaboration, flexibility and teleworking… Social skills are the essential oil to keep the wheels of the workplace turning. What difference do they make? More resilience among colleagues and a more powerful team. Tackling tasks with confidence and shaping a team that would do anything for each other. After that, satisfaction and productivity come naturally. Enjoy the ride!

How do we do it?

Our approach? Refreshing, inspiring plus a touch of mischief. But we practise what we preach. We join you on a journey. Going from you to us and back again. Sharing our expertise with inspiration sessions, workshops, training, coaching, but also listening to yours. Together we head for more impact, both verbal and mental, we show how you can grow. With more enjoyable collaboration, more efficient discussions, more customer-friendly communication ...

Ready to grow? Discover our tracks.

Who are we?

Imboorling – founded in 1999 by Frederik Imbo – is the place for training on social skills. We Imboorlings have some refreshing methods up our sleeve to help you discover original insights. Always with one objective in mind: change and growth. Our approach? Communication and connection.

Shall we?

Communication can be learned ... by reading