About Imboorling

  • Imboorling inspires and encourages better communication and growth

    What does communication have to do with personal growth? Everything. With better communication you learn to open up to others. (Self) confidence leads to connection. Constructive, of course. Boosting your powers of speech and building your impact. Words that say wow. People really listen. You get things done and your positive mindset inspires others. In fact, it’s infectious. That’s where the magic happens! The sky’s the limit and you’re heading straight for it. Together with your colleagues. Because you’re all on the same wave of excitement.

    Persoonlijke groei = groei voor je organisatie

  • Why choose Imboorling as your sparring partner?

    It takes time and most of all practice and new insights to master the art of communication. Armed with over 20 years of experience we’re not boasting when we say we know how. We Imboorlings set our sights high. With out-of-the-box inspiration sessions, mind-blowing workshops, intensive training and customised coaching. Online or live. The key word? Interaction. From you to me and back again. Everybody’s equal. CEO? Floor manager? (Hard) worker? ... it’s all the same to us. Everyone has their own qualities and these are only revealed when individuals feel good, feel confident. And have the power to make their mark. Impact. After all, that’s why we do it.

  • Kopie

    Frederik Imbo

    Managing partner
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    Sandy Snoeck

  • Merel De Vleeschouwer

    Merel De Vleeschouwer

  • Marianne Cap

    Marianne Cap

  • Gilles Delvaux

    Gilles Delvaulx

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    Laure Hillen

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    Lili Allard

    student philosophy & content co-creator
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    Ann Allard

    Managing partner
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